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[texts]Automated life detection devices - Shneour, E. A
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 38
[texts]Notes on search, detection and localization modeling - Forrest, R. N. 1925-
(Revised October 1987).
Downloads: 40
[texts]Notes on search, detection and localization modeling - Forrest, R. N. 1925-
Title from cover
Downloads: 40
[texts]Some notes on search, detection and localization modeling - Forrest, R. N., 1925-
Title from cover
Downloads: 37
[texts]A program to compute magnetic anomaly detection probabilities - Forrest, R. N., 1925-
Title from cover
Downloads: 62
[audio]Hit Detection Episode 3
Ep3 of Hit Detection
Keywords: hit detection
Downloads: 4
[audio]Hit Detection Episode 2 - Hit Detection
Hit Detection Episode 2
Keywords: Hit Detection
Downloads: 54
[texts]Audio detection algorithms - Neta, Beny.;Mansager, Bard K.
Title from cover
Downloads: 50
[texts]ASRgeneticcrater 2013
research paper
Keywords: crater detection
Downloads: 15
[audio]Hit Detection 1 - Hit Detection Podcast
Episode #1 of Hit Detection
Keywords: Hit Detection
Downloads: 48
[texts]Part 4 Phy 310 - Dr. Mohamed Salem
Detectora and Accelerators
Keywords: Radiation Detection
Downloads: 113
[texts]Intrusion Detection using C4.5: Performance Enhancement by Classifier Combination
Data Security has become a very critical part of any organizational information system. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is used as a security measure to preserve data integrity and system availability from various attacks. This paper evaluates the performance of C4.5 classifier and its combination using bagging, boosting and stacking over NSL- KDD dataset for IDS. This dataset set consists of selected records of the complete KDD dataset.
Keywords: Intrusion Detection
Downloads: 216
[texts]Radiation Detection And Measurement Glenn F. Knoll 3rd Ed 1999
Radiation Detection
Keywords: radiation; detection
Downloads: 666
[texts]15. Eng Cyst Detection In MRI Brain Image Vrushali D. Dharmale - Vrushali D. Dharmale & P. A. Tijare
In medical diagnosis, the cyst detection in human brain is very difficult and intricate task. The task has been carried out by the help of image processing to make simple and easier. Since a long period of time, image processing has helped a lot for various pathological tasks and still an emerging area of research. Medical diagnosis became fast due to such type of advanced techniques. In this work, an approach has been attempted to detect the cyst in the MRI brain image...
Keywords: Cyst Detection; Diagnosis; Segmentation; Edge Detection
Downloads: 9
[movies]Pool Leak Detection Service - Leak Masters
We are prominent leak Detection Company in Charleston. We use latest technology to detect leaks in swimming pool. Roof top, walls. We are very reasonable with our charges. So, for an effective treatment of any severe or simple type of leakage that you are facing, just contact us we will make sure that we fix it for you.
Keywords: Under Slab Leak Detection; Slab Leaks Detection
Downloads: 13
[texts]Water Leakage Detection Services in Tampa
Leak Tracker will find your leak whether it is above or below ground without damaging your property or disrupting your business. http://www.leak-tracker.com/
Keywords: Leak detection Tampa; Leak detection Tampa Bay
Downloads: 34
[movies]Effective And Expert Commercial Leak Detection Services In UK
Looking for expert leak detection and prevention services for your commercial properties in UK? “Thornton Consulting” specialises in leak locating and analysing leaks in buildings and other waterproof structures. To know more, visit http://www.thorntonconsulting.co.uk/
Keywords: leak detection UK
Downloads: 6
[texts]3. Humanities A Study Of Image Processing In Analyzing Tree Ring P. Meenakshi Sundari - P. MEENAKSHI SUNDARI & S. BRITTO RAMESH KUMAR
This paper describes the design and implementation of an interactive image analysis system for dendrochronology, tree ring structure. Image processing is the highest level of the evolution of imaging techniques. New qualities are brought to imaging systems by digital computers and processors. Image processing has various application fields. Such application is tree ring analysis. It determines the living period of trees and all the factors affecting the tree...
Keywords: Dendrochronology; Segmentation; Edge Detection
Downloads: 9
[movies]Kontrols & Industrial Weighing - Max Raine
Kontrols and Industrial Weighing has been serving for the development and working new industrial project supports. The support and quality of products and services makes them prominent in this field.
Keywords: Food metal detection
Downloads: 2
[audio]American Leak Detection - Zia Sheikh
Conversation between customer and ALD with the manager clearly stating that if a leak is not found, customer doesn't pay anything.
Keywords: American Leak Detection
Downloads: 14
[texts]Possible application of electronic devices to forest fire detection (Volume no.91) - Hirsch, Stanley N
Caption title
Keywords: Forest fires Detection
Downloads: 19
[texts]Detection of suspected nodes in MANET
Mobile ad hoc network (MANETs) is an emergingarea with practical applications. One such field concernsmobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) in which mobile nodesorganize themselves in a network without the help of anypredefined infrastructure. Securing MANETs is an importantpart of deploying and utilizing them, since them are oftenused in critical applications where data and communicationsintegrity in important...
Keywords: MANET; Intrusion detection; AODV
Downloads: 6
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 100
[texts]Stop and Look Detection Algorithm - Andrus, Alvin F.
Title from cover
Downloads: 50
[texts]Monocoil reciprocating permanent magnet electric machine with self-centering force - NON
A linear reciprocating machine has a tubular outer stator housing a coil, a plunger and an inner stator. The plunger has four axially spaced rings of radially magnetized permanent magnets which cooperate two at a time with the stator to complete first or second opposite magnetic paths. The four rings of magnets and the stators are arranged so that the stroke of the plunger is independent of the axial length of the coil.
Downloads: 150
[texts]Assumed Design Scenarios - Vyas, Hemali
This chapter begins by describing an assumed communication scenario for human and robotic exploration of Mars. It is followed by a scenario relating to the CEV that will carry humans to and from Mars. These two scenarios capture the key aspects of communication needs for Mars mission support. The Mars exploration communication scenario has been derived from a strawman set of requirements for human and robotic missions in the 2020 to 2030 timeframe found in references 2-1, and 2-2...
Downloads: 127
[texts]Abnormality Detection in Electrocardiograms by - Bachir Boucheham
Electrocardiogram (ECG) morphology deviation from normal beat is a sign of abnormal behavior and a significant information for cardiologist to depict cardiac diseases. Most existing methods for such a task use single beat classification with various tools. However, these approaches usually ignore the repetitive nature of the ECG. In this study, we adapt and apply a previously developed method for quasi-periodic time series comparison (SEA) to detect the morphology change in the ECG...
Keywords: Electrocardiograms (ECG); Anomaly Detection
Downloads: 180
[texts]Analysis of unattended ground sensors in theater Missile Defense Attack Operations - Haberlin, Richard J.
Thesis advisor, Kneale T. Marshall
Downloads: 162
[texts]Active sonar detection and signal excess fluctuations - Forrest, R. N., 1925-
Title from cover
Downloads: 145
[audio]Intrusion Detection Systems
To be viewed in conjunction with the slides on slideshare
Keywords: Intrusion Detection Systems
Downloads: 28
[texts]A program to compute electric anomaly detection probabilities - Forrest, R. N., 1925-
Cover title
Downloads: 42
[texts]Tubercle bacilli in butter : their occurrence, vitality and significance (Volume no.127) - Schroeder, Ernest Charles.

Keywords: Microorganisms Detection; Butter Analysis
Downloads: 7
[movies]Link Detection And Removal Made Easy
Free Ebook for Link Detection and Removal for Fighting Web SPAM by 1SEO1. Do it yourself Guide to remove website poor/bad backlinks and free tool to get a quote if want us our SEO Expert to do it.http://www.1seo1.com/
Keywords: Bad Link removal; Bad Link Detection; Free Ebook Link Detection
Downloads: 14
[texts]Observation of the 3He(n,tp) reaction by detection of far-ultraviolet radiation (Volume 113)
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: Lyman alpha radiation; 3He; neutron detection; thermal neutron detection
Downloads: 164
[texts]Detection of near atmospheric disturbances and weather conditions (pelengovaniye blizhnikh atmosferikov i pogodnyye usloviya) - Kamaldina, I. I
Relation of storm and shower observations detection data to meteorological data
Downloads: 125
[texts]Benefit of sound cueing in combat simulation - Neta, Beny.;Mansager, Bard K.
Technical report for period July 1993 - October 1993.
Downloads: 47
[texts]Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection using Feature Relevance and Negative Selection Algorithm - Jothi Lakshmi U
With the increase in the use of internet, the job of malicious people has been made easy to exploit vulnerabilities in existing system. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) plays a major role in computer/network security in recognizing such malicious activity called intrusion. IDSs’ quick and correct detection of unknown intrusions help in reducing damage/loss to the sensitive information. IDS with such quality need to be encouraged...
Keywords: Intrusion Detection; Feature Relevance; Negative Selection; Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection
Downloads: 39
[texts]An Accident Detection System on Highway through CCTV with Calogero‐Moser System
There are many limits such as shadowing occlusion and nolights in the video image detector systems. In order to makeaccurate detector system, we need to get rid of theseproblems specially accident detection system by usingvehicle trace. In this paper, we introduce a method toovercome shadow and nighttime has been introduced aswell as the accurate accident detection system. We find theflow of vehicle trace is such as level spacing distribution asWigner distribution...
Keywords: Accident Detection System; Detection Abrupt Signal; Calogero‐ Moser System
Downloads: 46
[texts]FTTCP: Fault Tolerant Two-level Clustering Protocol for WSN
In this paper, we propose an agreement-based fault  detection and recovery protocol for cluster head (CH) in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) of two level cluster hierarchy. The aim of protocol is to accurately detect CH failure to avoid unnecessary energy consumption caused by a mistaken detection process. For this, it allows each cluster member to detect its CH failure independently. Cluster members employ distributed agreement protocol to reach an agreement on failure of the CH among multiple...
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network; Clustering; detection; Agreement protocol; Detection accuracy
Downloads: 45
[audio]Hit Detection Episode #5
Episode 5 of the Hit Detection gaming podcast.
Keywords: hit detection; video games; podcast
Downloads: 19
[texts]7. Applied Blood Cells Detectio Zainab Nayyar
Image processing techniques are widely used in the domain of medical sciences for detecting various diseases, infections, tumors, cell abnormalities and various cancers. Detecting and curing a disease on time is very important in the field of medicine for protecting and saving human life. There are three types of primary cells in human body red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Their functionalities are different...
Keywords: Red Blood Cells; Detection; Counting
Downloads: 3
[texts]Three-Dimensionally Engineered Normal Human Lung Tissue-Like Assemblies: Target Tissues for Human Respiratory Viral Infections - Goodwin, Thomas J.
In vitro three-dimensional (3D) human lung epithelio-mesenchymal tissue-like assemblies (3D hLEM TLAs) from this point forward referred to as TLAs were engineered in Rotating Wall Vessel (RWV) technology to mimic the characteristics of in vivo tissues thus providing a tool to study human respiratory viruses and host cell interactions. The TLAs were bioengineered onto collagen-coated cyclodextran microcarriers using primary human mesenchymal bronchial-tracheal cells (HBTC) as the foundation matri...
Downloads: 129
[movies]Professional Basement Leak Detection In UK - Stephen Thornton
With over 40 years of experience, Thornton Roof Leak Detection provides high quality Basement Leak Detection in UK. They locate and resolve the leaks in basement with a professional and prompt approach. Visit: http://www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk/
Keywords: Basement Leak Detection in UK
Downloads: 5
[texts]Global Pregnancy Detection Card Market - TechNavio
Pregnancy detection cards are diagnostic products that check for chemical markers related to pregnancy. 
Keywords: Global Pregnancy Detection Card Market
Downloads: 1
[texts]Spectral Detection of Human Targets - Dalton Rosario
A three-stage algorithm suite is proposed for a specific human target detection scenario, where a visible/near infrared hyperspectral (HS) sample is assumed to be available as the only cue from a reference image frame. The suite first applies a biometric based human skin detector to focus the attention of the search. Using as reference all of the bands in the spectral cue, the suite follows with a Bayesian Lasso inference stage designed to isolate pixels representing the specific material type c...
Keywords: Human Target Detection; VNIR; Hyperspectral
Downloads: 19
[texts]Instructions for using forest fire danger meter type 8 (Volume no.33) - Keetch, John J. (John James), 1911-
Cover title
Keywords: Forest fires; Forest fires Detection
Downloads: 8
[texts]Filter transmittance measurements in the infrared (Volume 98) - Migdall, A.L.
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: filter transmittance; attenuators; direct detection
Downloads: 132
[texts]Notes on search, detection and localization modeling - Forrest, R. N., 1925-
(Revised October 1988).
Downloads: 48
[texts]Automatic Laser Dot Detection and Tracking in Underwater Video Streams Using Color-based Segmentation and Wavelet-based Template Matching - Fitzgerald J. Archibald
Underwater videos are made with two red laser dots of fixed separation distance and visible in captured frame. Red laser dots in captured frame are used for distance resolution estimation in order to associate statistics with area. This paper proposes a method for automatic detection of the dots using wavelet sub-band template matching and laser dot tracking. Segmentation based on color information and 8-connectivity are used as preprocessing steps to improve detection accuracy and optimize comp...
Keywords: Object detection; object tracking; template
Downloads: 125
[texts]Global Pregnancy Detection Kit Market - TechNavio
Pregnancy detection kits are diagnostic products that check for chemical markers related to pregnancy. These kits take up the midstream format, which is one of the three categories under rapid pregnancy tests. The remaining two are the strip format and the card or cassette format. 
Keywords: Global Pregnancy Detection Kit Market
Downloads: 1
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